Dear Bernie Sanders Supporters

June 8, 2016 at 4:34 pm

I think the fix has been in since the very beginning, but it seems certain now that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.  To the supporters of Bernie Sanders, you have my condolences.  I can relate to how you are feeling right now. For the last three presidential election cycles I have had the displeasure of watching my chosen candidate be marginalized, ignored, and swindled by the establishment.  It is frustrating and infuriating to watch the corruption of the establishment in action.  It seems like good candidates always fall to the power of the system.


So what now?  Will you support Hillary?  How could you? She’s the very embodiment of everything you and Bernie were fighting against!  She’s a corrupt, untrustworthy career politician who loves war and trampling personal liberties as much as the worst Republican!

I admit that I have not felt the Bern.  But I can relate to those who have as I understand the enthusiasm and the passion.  I’d like to extend the olive branch, and offer what I feel is a viable alternative candidate for you to consider in November – someone who isn’t corrupt like Hillary, or an egomaniac like Trump.

I would like to suggest Gary Johnson.  He agrees with Bernie on a number of important topics.  He is running on the Libertarian Party ticket, which is the country’s largest third party, and will appear on the ballot in all 50 states.  He was the governor of New Mexico, so he has the experience, but he isn’t a career politician, and most certainly isn’t part of the hated political establishment.

So what do Bernie and Gary agree on?  A number of important issues, actually.

Gary agrees with Bernie Sanders on war.  Both oppose continued military action in the Middle East. They recognize that the cost of war is too great and that the US should not be involved in wars that don’t concern us.

Both agree that US military spending should be reduced. The US spends more than the next 11 countries combined – more than half a TRILLION dollars a year!  Just think of what that money could do here at home if it weren’t being used to blow people up!

Bernie and Gary both oppose the use of torture.

Bernie and Gary Johnson both oppose the “Patriot Act” and NSA spying.  They believe you have a right to personal privacy and that the government should not be spying on you.

Bernie Sanders and Gary Johnson both believe the US should help refugees from war-torn Syria.

Both Bernie Sanders and Gary Johnson oppose plans to ban Muslims from immigrating to the US.  Like Bernie, Gary recognizes that Islamic terrorists are not a reflection of all Muslims.  He believes everyone should be allowed to come to the US, regardless of their religion.

They both believe that illegal workers should be able to more easily become citizens.

Gary and Bernie are both pro-choice (though I don’t agree with either of them on this).

Both Bernie and Gary Johnson support the complete legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use.  Until that happens, they both support decriminalization and reduced sentencing for those already jailed on pot charges.

Bernie and Gary both support the right of same-sex couples to be married.

Bernie and Gary support anti-discrimination measures on the basis of gender identity, in addition to all of the existing protected groups.

They both support the labeling of GMO foods.

Both Bernie and Gary Johnson oppose the death penalty.  They both believe too many are wrongly convicted to take the risk of killing someone who is innocent.

Gary and Bernie also both support the right of someone suffering from a terminal illness to put a dignified end to their own life.

They both support increased funding for NASA.

That’s the basic rundown.  If that wasn’t enough, here is another reason to vote for Gary Johnson: a good showing by a third-party candidate will be a very loud message to the corrupt political establishment that the people of the US will no longer tolerate corrupt candidates (like Hillary) who don’t have voter’s interests at heart.  Bernie’s campaign has been about hammering that message home.  With Bernie out, you can stay at home in November, or you can continue in the revolutionary spirit and support a candidate who can make a difference.  I implore you to consider supporting Gary Johnson in November.


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