FORWARD to a Glorious Future of Progress and Equality!

April 1, 2016 at 10:09 am

In my last post I mentioned that the site would be going in a slightly new direction.  Today, I’d like to expand upon that and outline what you can expect in the future.

As time progresses and society moved forward I’ve been faced with some difficult philosophical questions and how we as a country can best address the pressing issues of our day.  After much anguish, I’ve come to a conclusion.  My previous posts were based on lack of emotion and faulty ideology.  They were wrong.  I was wrong.  It’s time to change direction.

The constitution is dead.  It was a good attempt, but it failed.  The government does whatever it wants, and that old dusty paper isn’t going to stop it.  Rather than continue to hem and haw over this, I think it’s time we embrace it.  We elected these people after all, now we should place our unquestioning trust in them, and in the knowledge that they truly do know what is best for us all.  We need to set our differences aside, and work for a better future.  This means we need to stop being sticks in the mud, and welcome the necessary reforms needed to make a more perfect nation.

Among those, we need to address the issue of equality.  We need to expand programs like affirmative action, section 8 housing, welfare and medicaid.  It is vital that we support those among us who suffer from disability or those who’s best productive contribution to society is made when fused to their couch, watching Jerry Springer.  For those who support the critical fast-food industry, and other hard laborers we need to increase the minimum wage.  These people work, and they deserve a comfortable living regardless of their job.

We also need to address the issue of terrorism.  Toward that end, we must reassure our representatives that we support their efforts to legislate government access to all computer systems and digital communications.  Only through unfettered access can they protect us from terror.  We need to increase the budget of the NSA and remove the burden of the FICA court by giving them board authorization to monitor, record, and store and and all communications.  After all, those of us that have nothing to hide, have nothing to worry about.  Only terrorists need fear.  Other aspects of law enforcement will also benefit from such benevolent watchfulness.  Police will be able to track down drug users and dealers, under-the-table workers, cash hoarders, gold bugs, libertarians, and other dissidents who may seek to hamper our glorious march forward.  It will also allow for monitoring of online purchases, so that gun owners can be identified, located, and relieved of their dangerous weapons of death.  Only through a disarmed citizenry can we ensure peace and progress.

Another facet of our response to terror should be continued military involvement in the Middle East.  We started the job and we need to finish it, regardless of how long it takes, how much it costs, or how far it spreads.  If the end is total global war, that will be preferable to the isolationistic positions of Presidents Bush and Obama.  We need to bomb them until the sands glow bright green and their long-dead ancestors feel the bern of conflagration.

At home, we need a wall at our boarders.  One that will rival China’s great wall, the ancient Hadrian’s wall, and even the fictional walls of Mordor and the great ice wall of Westeros!  We have to keep the terrorists and raping illegals out, and all of that wall street money in!

I hope you will all join me in supporting the leaders that will lead us forward to this glorious gilded age of freedom and equality!

Hillary for President!

Bernie for Vice President!

Trump for Secretary of State!

Cruz for Secretary of Defense!



Because ‘Merica.

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