Consider Liberty is Now Available on Kindle!

January 22, 2014 at 3:23 pm

I received an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday.  It’s a wonderful update for my old Kindle Keyboard.  While I was busy loading it up with free books from I stumbled across an option to subscribe to Mises Daily articles on my Kindle.  The cost is $.99 per month, but each day the new articles are delivered wirelessly and are ready for me whenever I choose to read them.  I’ve found this to be immensely convenient and as a result I’ve read the Mises Daily articles much more regularly since this discovery.

As it turns out, anyone can submit a blog to Kindle.  So I submitted Consider Liberty.  If you happen to be interested in reading my articles on your Kindle, go ahead and subscribe!

For the sake of full disclosure, I do earn a percentage (30% I believe) from the $.99 subscription fee.  I’d rather offer this for free, but I can’t as Amazon dictates the $.99 fee.

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