Did You Hear About the Recent School Shooting In Colorado?

December 18, 2013 at 1:41 pm

If you didn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Here is the rundown: On Friday, December 13th there was a shooting in Colorado at Arapahoe High School in Denver.  A single student entered the school openly carrying a firearm and wearing tactical gear.  He proceeded to shoot a fellow student (who is alive, though in a coma) before taking his own life.  The whole incident was over in 80 seconds.

So, why hasn’t this been blown up by the media and run with a new headline hourly since it happened?  Why wasn’t this been reported on as heavily as Sandy Hook, or the Dark Knight shooting in Aurora, CO?

The answer is simple, and sickening.  There is no political gain to be made from this horrible tragedy.  There are several reasons for that.  The first of which is the weapon itself.  The shooter was carrying a single firearm.  It was not an AR-15, or an AK-47 or any type of so-called “assault weapon”.  It wasn’t scary looking, and it didn’t have a “hi-capacity” magazine.  It was a shotgun.  The very same weapon Vice President Joe Biden recommended that people purchase.

The second reason for the media silence is the shooter.  He was described by a classmate as a “very opinionated Socialist” [Note: source was edited to remove the word “socialist” – see here].  Not a redneck, not a Republican, not a conservative, not an NRA member… he was a liberal Socialist!  The media can’t report this since it doesn’t fit the narrative that conservatives are the bad guys.

The final, and probably most damning reason that there is very little coming from the media on this one is the short duration of the shooting — just 80 seconds.  Why did it only last 80 seconds?  Because there was a Sheriffs deputy present at the school.  He was armed.  When he heard the incident, he confronted the shooter, at which time the shooter took his own life.

The bottom line: guns in the hands of evil people can be used to kill and destroy, but guns in the hands of good people can be utilized to stop the deeds of others and prevent further death and destruction.  This is why the media won’t cover this shooting as zealously as others – there is no political gain to be had.

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