Time For A Revolution

July 4, 2011 at 1:48 pm

Two hundred and thirty-five years ago today, fifty-six men pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors to start what would be the most free and prosperous nation on Earth.  Declaring their independence from the grip of King George and the British Empire they risked everything to breathe life into a country founded upon the principles of freedom, liberty, and prosperity for all who possessed the desire to take the forces of destiny into their own hands and mold a future of their own choosing without interference by an overbearing, and oppressive government.  This was a concept never before seen on this planet. They built this country from the ground up. They designed a government for the people, controlled by the people. They protected the people from the government by writing one of the most pivotal documents in the history of the world – The US Constitution.

They had it right.

We have let our nation fall because of our apathy, and our laziness. The people must be vigilant, and we have not been. We have allowed our federal government to seize power that it was never intended to have. We have grievously misplaced our trust in what the government and its mouthpieces have told us. We have neglected our duty to hold our elected officials accountable. We have allowed the degradation of our own liberties. We are to blame. Now is the time, not to tear down, or to destroy, but the time to renew. The time to renew the vision of our Founding Fathers. The time to once again return to the bedrock that allowed our nation to be great. The time to take back our country and firmly put our government back it its place. The time to restore the principles that made our nation the envy of the world and our people the most free is now.

This 4th of July, while you barbeque with family and friends, watch sporting events and set off fireworks, remember that two hundred and thirty-five years ago a group of men put everything on the line for the freedom that you now enjoy and take for granted.  In the memory and honor of those great men, and all who have ever risked it all so that you may be free I challenge you to take some time and consider liberty.  Consider what it meant to the Founding Fathers.  Consider what it means to you today.  Give most serious thought to the condition our country is now in and study the Declaration and Constitution. Put yourself in the shoes of such patriots as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Feel the fire of liberty. Let it smolder within as it did within the hearts and minds of our Founders. Freedom and liberty are a birthright, endowed to everyone person by our Creator. We should be willing to die to preserve these rights for ourselves and future generations.

It is time for a second American Revolution.

Not a revolution of arms, but a revolution of ideal.  Ideas and knowledge should be our weapons of choice.  We need to learn about government and ask the serious questions that our current leaders will not.  We have been locked in an ideological box.  We have been told that this is the way it is and that the only options are A, or B.  Now is the time to ask, what about option C?  Case in point, we always hear talk about raising or lowering income tax, yet no one asks the real question – why do we have an income tax?  Why is the government permitted to steal the hard earned fruits of our labor?  In our current economic situation taxes are more burdensome than ever.  Why is this question not on the lips of everyone?  It is time to smash the box to pieces.  It is time to start asking the questions that are prudent to a society that actually values its liberty and not the questions allowed to us by those who would keep us in the dark of ignorance.  If our current officials will not ask the real questions we need to replace them with individuals who will.  Too long we have been misled.  Now is the time to raise and take back our liberty!  Take action!

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