Our Purpose

First of all, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read through the site!

The purpose of Consider Liberty is to provide commentary on news and events related to the freedom and liberty of the citizens of our great Republic.  I also hope that the site will provide a welcoming environment to consider and discuss our nation’s founding documents and how they should still affect our leaders today.  It is my goal to take a critical look at the events taking place presently that will mold our future as a nation and to discuss candidly whether or not our present government is honoring the ground rules laid out by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It is my belief that Americans today have lost touch with the spirit of liberty that once ran so strongly in the lifeblood of the people.  The Founders warned us over and over that if we failed to be vigilant, we would lose the freedom and liberty that they so bravely laid down their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors to take from the grasp of tyranny.  Let me remind you, a war was waged against the (then) superpower of the world to take back these rights and liberties.  A wise man once said:

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

That quote is often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but is not found in any of his writings.  More likely, it is taken from a 1790 speech by John Philpot Curran regarding the Right of Election.

Whichever the case may be, I think the statement is an accurate and just reminder of the importance of “We the People” taking responsibility for the condition of our government.  We have been failing in this responsibility.  I hope that sites such as this one can help to alert those who visit of the dire need for action to reclaim our Republic from the ever encroaching grasp of unrestrained government.


Matthew Hockley
Founder of Consider Liberty